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Langevin Morris Smith LLP
Langevin Morris Smith LLP is a leading Eastern Ontario law firm headquartered in Ottawa. For more than 35 years, our accident lawyers have helped clients who have suffered a myriad of minor to catastrophic injuries, which resulted from motor vehicle accidents. We have extensive experience helping clients with injuries arising from any manner of motorized vehicular accident, including but not limited to: cars, trucks, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, and boats. We strive to maintain our reputation for excellence and superior customer service.
Address : 190 O'Connor Street, 9th Floor Ottawa, Ontario K2P 2R3
Phone : (613) 230-5787

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer
Delaney's Law Firm has several lawyers that handle personal injury files. Call today for a free consultation.
Address : 543 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, ON
Phone : (613) 233-7000

David Hollingsworth
For over a decade, David Hollingsworth has been an Ottawa personal injury lawyer working with Goldberg Stroud LLP, an Ottawa law firm of 50 years, representing clients who have suffered a personal injury or loved ones of those who have suffered a wrongful death due to motor vehicle accidents and other forms of negligence since 1999.
Address : 486 Gladstone Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1R 5N8
Phone : (613) 978-9549

Auger Hollingsworth
A personal injury lawyer at Ottawa law firm Auger Hollingsworth knows that serious injuries from Ottawa accidents cause more than short-term pain and suffering. We handle any type of accident you might encounter – improper lane changes, roll-overs, impaired driving, side impact, rear impact, parking lot, drive-thru and multi –vehicle. We represent innocent drivers, passengers and pedestrians.
Address : 1443 Woodroffe Avenue, Ottawa, ON K2G 1W1
Phone : (613) 233-4529

At PQT Law, we are proud of the help we bring to victims and families who are in distress because of serious accidents and injuries. In working for you, we are open, honest and accessible. Given our philosophy, every client is important and not just a file or number. We get to know our clients personally and we care about them.
Address : 310 O’Connor Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 1V8
Phone : (613) 563-1131